Price List and Coverage Area

Effective 10/01/2011 


URAR (Full w/Flood Risk ID and Map)                       $300.00

FHA URAR                                                                $325.00

2-4 Family w/Income Statement                                  $450.00

Condominium (Full w/ Flood Risk ID and Map)         $300.00

2055 Exterior                                                             $225.00

2070/2075 Drive By                                                    $150.00

Recertification of Value (requires Exterior Inspect)     $150.00

Desk Review                                                              $125.00

Field Review                                                             $275.00

Completion Certificate (442) w/Photos                       $100.00

Inspection charge (cancelled on day                          $150.00 minimum

of inspection or after inspection completed-

fee based on amount of hours completed)

Returned Check Fee                                                 $25.00

Trip Charges (any additional trips to                         $75.00

property, i.e. interior photos, etc.)


Counties Served:

             Pasco        Pinellas    Hernando    Hillsborough